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June 29, 2022


Many Suffered from Lack of Protections; Group Calls for Direct Relief

Press release

September 29, 2021

Essential Ohio: Path to Citizenship in Congress is “Key to Unlocking Brighter Future” for Ohio Families

Congress can lift thousands of Ohio children out of poverty by creating a path to citizenship for their parents. Essential Ohio calls on each and every member of the Ohio congressional delegation to ensure this policy becomes law in 2021.

Press release

August 19, 2021

Congress One Step Closer to Creating Path to Citizenship for Essential Workers

Legalization is a win for Ohio communities, families, and the entire economy

Press release

July 19, 2021

Essential in ohio report

Three out of every ten workers in Ohio perform essential jobs that literally keep us alive and our communities functioning. Still, according to a new report from Policy Matters Ohio and Essential Ohio, essential workers’ median pay is 12.9% less than that of workers in nonessential jobs.

Press release

Feb 25, 2021

Protections for all 

With Black and Latino Ohioans at Outsized Risk for COVID-19, Essential Ohio Demands Protections for All Essential Workers

Press release

Feb 8, 2021

VAcCine prioritIzation

Essential Workers Take On Most Risks in Pandemic: Will the State of Ohio Make Them Priority for Vaccines?

Press release

FEb 8, 2021

Executive Order

Ohio Leaders Hope Biden COVID-19 Plan Sparks New National Commitment to Protecting All Workers

Press release

Oct 28, 2020


Columbus becomes Largest Ohio City to Endorse “Essential Workers Bill of Rights”

Press release

OCt 19, 2020


Dayton City Commission Endorses “Essential Workers Bill of Rights”

Press release

Sept 22, 2020


In Unanimous Votes, Lakewood and Toledo City Councils Pass Resolutions Supporting an Essential Workers Bill of Rights #EssentialOH Campaign in Your Town Soon

Press RElease

Sept 16, 2020


With Toledo City Council Introduction, #EssentialOhio Campaign is Poised to Pass Essential Workers Bills of Rights Across Ohio

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