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Farm and Dairy

Calls Grow for Frontline Food Workers to Get COVID-19 Vaccine

Four New Members
Attend First Toledo City
Council Meeting

Columbus Free Press

Left Out in Cold By Both State and Corporate Bosses, Say Kroger Store Employees

Lakewood And Toledo City Councils Pass Resolutions Supporting Essential Workers Bill Of Rights

Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 5.20.45 PM.png

Lakewood City Council passes resolution in support of essential workers

Toledo City Council Member, Theresa Gadus

The pandemic has pulled back the curtain and reminded many people of the importance of essential workers to a strong, robust economy


Columbus City Council President Pro Tempore Elizabeth Brown

All levels of government must commit to the principles of an Essential Workers Bill of Rights to level the playing field for every family, by addressing long standing inequities like low-wages, lack of paid leave, and inadequate health benefits


Lakewood City Council
President, Dan O'Malley

[Workers are] on the frontlines of keeping us healthy, and safe, and fed, and their well-being must be protected. It’s the least we owe them, and I’m proud to support the Essential Workers Bill of Rights

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