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Critical Infrastructure Workers Remain Key to Ohio’s Health and Economic Recovery

Essential in Ohio
Executive Summary

Ohio’s essential workers have always been  indispensable. COVID-19 showed us just how  much so when – as others sheltered at home –  the Ohioans working in health care, child care,  the food supply chain and other critical needs  kept showing up to work. They cared for the sick  and the children of other essential workers; kept  the utilities on and the groceries stocked; and  performed the countless tasks on which we all  depend. In doing so, they took on great risk to  themselves and their families.  

Policymakers failed frontline workers with  inadequate protections and too little pay. At the  median, essential jobs in Ohio pay less than  nonessential jobs. Ohio never mandated state wide hazard pay, as six other states have. Ohio  lawmakers made no provisions to provide paid  sick time to the first responders and Ohioans at  large employers excluded from federal mandates, Ohio essential workers deserve better.

Key Findings

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